Bar WNL61 – 10 ft Modern Dark Custom Wooden Bar

$9,100 CAD$13,110 CAD

A black bar isn’t to everyone’s taste – for some it can feel a little gothic, overpowering, or even cold. But not in this case. This bar set does not blend into the background. It gently makes its presence felt in the room. When this bar set is matched with other furniture with perfectly lighter hues and warm lightening, the space risks becoming one that your guests wouldn't want to leave!

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  • Solid wood
  • Stainless steel sink
  • Beautiful black marble top
  • Beveled mirrors
  • Large storage area
  • Hand carved back and front
  • 2 Stainless steel footrest
  • Ships in crated boxes
  • Buy front bar only (On request)
Front Bar: H42″ x W118″ x D28″
Upper Back Bar: H50″ x W118″ x D16″
Lower Back Bar: H35″ x W118″ x D16″

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